What We Are Doing
Well here we are, planning a trip around the UK coast, we leave on the 12th of June for the 2 and a half month trip, in a boat about the length of a modern estate car. Crazy? Foolhardy?

Well we like to think so.

The aim of this sponsored sail is to raise money for the Fellowship Afloat's bursary fund, which provides oppurtunities for people to enjoy outdoor activities who might otherwise not be able to afford it.

One of Fellowship Afloat's big goals is to allow as many people as possible the oppurtunity to enjoy the activities that the centre provides. Over the years this has meant subsidising the costs for many individuals and groups.

The fund setup to provide for these groups and individuals has been supported over the years by generous legacy's and donations, but this has over the last three years been depleted as Fellowship Afloat has sought to offer itself to more.

We plan with this trip to replenish the bursary fund, our goal £10,000 is the amount that Fellowhsip Afloat spent last year from this fund, and if we can raise it will guarantee another years worth of support.

Please keep checking this page as we update it with our location and the tales of our travels around the UK. If you would like to donate money to the bursary fund Click on the link at the top of the page.
Jelly Fish Clothing
Do you want to help raise awareness of our trip, or perhaps just need a few more T-shirts to get you through the summer?

Have a look at the range of clothes you can buy with our logo here. 15% of all sales goes to Fellowship Afloat Bursury Fund.
Since we've been back...
I thought I'd post another blog just to update you on some of the news since we arrived back in Tollesbury.  In the months between then and now, we have both got used to showering more frequently, using a toilet with a flush, and sleeping in a bed that doesn't move.  We have also both got 'proper' jobs, and are still talking to each other!

However, our Fellowship Afloat journey hasn't ended.  On the 19th of March, a whole group of FACT related people are going to be re-creating our Jelly Fish journey, by covering the same miles as we did (1540), but we are doing it in just ONE DAY!!

The aim this time is to raise £2000 for a new engine for one of the boats.  If 40 people can raise £50 each we cover can raise that much.  So if you want to find out more, or even help us reach our latest target, go to http://www.justgiving.com/jellyfishadventuresinaday!

 Thanks for all your support on our journey, and do keep in touch!

Returning home pictures

It has taken a while, but we have finally collected some pictures of our return:




Many thanks to all those who came to see us home.

Since our return
Both Mary and I have been busy since we returned to dry land, just over two weeks ago.  Both of us have moved house and moved on to new and very different challenges, but JellyFish Adventures isn't over just yet!

We made it onto the front page of at least one newspaper, and are making our last appearance on BBC Radio Essex at about 8am tomorrow morning- this time not via a mobile phone in the middle of the Irish Sea, but actually in the studio.  I think we would both agree that it is going to be the most nerve-wracking challenge yet!

Also, we are still collecting money, and now have almost reached the £7000 mark- so thank you to all who have donated!  The money is already going to help people come and experience the community and adventure of Fellowship Afloat.

Finally, we both want to say thank you to two companies who both helped us out amazingly. Firstly, Premium Liferafts, who lent us that big yellow blob strapped to the foredeck, free of charge- fortunately we didn't need to use it!  Secondly, Honda, who lent us, again free of charge, an engine, which helped us out through think and thin.  Without either of these items, the trip wouldn't have been possible!

Finally, and sorry for the long blog, we want to apologise for the lack of pictures of our return.  We will try to get some up as soon as possible, but we have had a few issues getting the photos and a computer with internet in the same place at the same time!  So bear with us, and keep an eye out on here.

Becky and Mary

Having spent a night on the moorings just outside Woodrolfe Creek, it was to our great pleasure that we motored the short way into the pontoons at Tollesbury this morning, to exactly the same spot we left nearly 68 days ago!  It was a great sunny morning, and to be greeted by such a great bunch of people was amazing- thank you to all who were able to make it!  For those of you who couldn't (for very understandable reasons- such as we met you in Scotland, or you have since sailed onwards) we are hoping to upload a video at some point, to give you the 'real-life' experience.

We are working out our latest total, but so far we have raised about £7000 for FACT's bursary fund.  We aimed to rase £10,000 so although we are close, there is still a little way to go.

Thank you to all who have commented/ emailed/ phoned/ had us for a cuppa, it has been amazing the support we have had throughout the whole trip, and at times has really been key in keeping us going onwards through the waves.

As I am sure you will understand, after spending almost 10 weeks on board, it is a little hard to 'let-go' and so we are both off sailing again this weekend!  But after that, keep an eye-out on here for more pictures and a still growing total.

(Home at last Lat: 51.7604 Long: 0.8547)

Just outside Tollesbury. Planning to arrive at fact at 9 am. All welcome.
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Stuck in Ramsgate
There has been a gale blowing over the east coast, which has meant we have have been stuck in Ramsgate, just one day’s sail away from Tollesbury! However, do not despair on our behalf, as usual we have managed to arrive at our destination’s busiest time of the year, Ramsgate Week. 

There are dozens of yachts about, all preparing for racing (which was cancelled today). We have had plenty of people to talk to and drink tea with, including friends through Good News and even meeting the new gap year people on Morning Star!

About the Boat
The boat, Jellyfish, is a 21ft Mark II Corribee built in 1980. She is a bilge keel (two short fins on either of side), which makes her ideal for the East Coast where she is moored.

Although easliy controlled by one person we have decided to do this together because 10 weeks on your own sounds like a long time to us, and the challenge of coping with each other for that long will undoubtedly create some intersting posts!
Corribees are well known for their sea worthiness. Dame Ellen MacArthur sailed around Britain in Iduna, her own Corribee, when she was 18 years old. Since then several have crossed the Atlantic, although we don't plan on going that far yet.

For more information on the boat you can go to the Corribee Class Association website, for more information about our trip have a look at our Big Plan